About the artist.

With a background in art & design I was drawn to the genre Steampunk because it covers both science fiction & fantasy. I am particularly transfixed by Victorian Steampunk that is influenced by the post 1930s Industrial Revolution. The look is mechanical but with a twist, the science fiction aspect gives the wearer an appearance of being out of sync with the time period creating an 'alternate history.' The jewellery pieces often contain watch or clock parts including keys & locks. I wanted to create a range that incorporated these aspects, as well as Retro where old meets new & a third range of modern colourful beading to cover the 180 degrees of past & present-

180 Degrees Retrograde.

The current range.

If you see a design within the Modern range, but it either isn't in your colour scheme or you would like a piece made to create a set, additional pieces can be made to suit your requirements.

All brass components used are nickel free.

All stock comes with a 6 month guarantee for workmanship from purchase date.

Prices are INCLUSIVE of  a postage & handling fee of $5.00

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180 Degrees Retrograde is a business that endeavours to bring a fun & different approach to how we perceive wearable art.

My intent is to up-cycle pre loved components & keep watch & clock parts from landfill giving them new life.

The jewellery is eclectic, drawn on a combination of techniques, styles & mixed media. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of wearing your handmade jewellery as much as I did in creating it,  Kym.